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MJ Martin is the bondsman for Martin's Bail Bond Service and can help you with all of your bail bond questions. He has been in the bail bond business for 38 years and his office has been located in the same area for 38 years.


He has a large network of bail bondsman throughout the United States and has established a successful business relationship with those around him. He understands the legal system and will answer all of your questions or refer you to someone who can assist you.


There is an attorney on staff that can answer all of your legal questions. MJ and the attorney can discuss your criminal charges and refer you to an attorney based on your legal needs.


Shawn Mooto is our Spanish speaking representative who can help answer or find out the answer to all of your bail bond and legal questions in the Spanish language.


We serve the entire District Heights area as well as surrounding areas around the beltway and can assist with all legal matters in any court or jail system. We also serve in the 48 states that accept bail bonds and can assist you no matter what state you have been incarcerated in.

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Contact Shawn Mooto, our Spanish speaking representative. 301-237-9616